Yes abstinence is the right way, but…

With sexually transmitted disease rates on the rise across the country, according to a report by Fox News out of El Paso, Texas, more needs to be done, and needs to be done immediately on the debate over teaching abstinence or allowing schools to teach students a more n depth look at sex and STDs.

Let not kid ourselves, abstinence is the best way to go, when it comes to prevention of STDs. It is the only way to stop teen pregnancies, the spread of chlamydia, syphilis or HIV/AIDs.

If everyone waits until the get married to have sex and everyone promises to never cheat and stay faithful, then STDs will never be spread again and eventually die off. Lets not kid ourselves again, this is not going to happen. It is really not going to happen when you are teaching this method to young teenagers who are first discovering their sexuality, and are going to be curious.

This is why the sex ed bill in Wisconsin is something that every state should utilize.

In this opinion piece by by Teri Huyck, it states how abstinence is clearly the way to stopping STDs but it acknowledges the almost certainty that this is not going to happen. Because we all know that the complete abstinence is not really an option, it only makes more sense to teach all of the options for students.

By teaching all the options to kids, they at least have all of the proper information needed to decide how they want to be when it comes to sexual activity. If you teach them absteincen but find themselves in a situation, they may not know what to do or how to use a condom. They also may not know other risks such as how some contraceptive methods do not prevent against STDs.

I do not understand why there is a debate still going on. Yes abstinence is a way to make sure STDs do not get spread, but there is no way to get everyone to do it, so why teach it. Teach a method that gives everyone the information needed to make the right decision then leave it up to them.


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