Girls should be more concearned about STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are a concern for everyone; a major concern for everyone. But it is an even bigger concern for females, as unfair as that is.

Many STDs do not affect men, and others don’t show up on the male body, but do on women, and other STDs are even racist, showing up more frequently in African American than in white females. A recent study by the U.S. Centers for Disease and Prevention has released a report stating how one in four girls between the ages of 19 and 24 have had or have an STD. I have five sisters all in just about the age range, so you can figure out what that means as far as the odds of one of them having had one at some point in time.

Now I am not saying STDs should be left up to females, and females only, to take charge in the fight to stop them. his is a fight that everyone needs to be fighting, but because of how it affects women, I feel they should be pushing more. Every female needs to know the risks and stand up when the are faced with a situation that puts them at risk.

It is unfair the way that STDs are bias, but at the same time there is nothing we can do but fight them.

There are some women who are taking steps to fight STDs. The widow, Chinara Butler, of Pimp C, a former rapper is starting a foundation for disease prevention. In an attempt to raise awareness for HIV and other STDs, Butler has started the foundation that will have a rap battle, for those who get tested  with the winner taking home $1,000.

This is just one thing that is being done, and I’m sure there are hundreds of others being done by women all over the country, but more can be done and should be done.


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