Sex sells so use it

With World AIDs Day approaching on Dec. 1, the issues around sexual education and sexually transmitted diseases looks even more important.

According to the report in 2008 1.1 million people in the United States were living with HIV/AIDs, or almost one in every 300 people. My guess is everyone knows at least 300 people, so chances are at least one person you know has the horrible disease. And if you live in the Washington D.C. area it may be even higher, as D.C. was just rated the No. 1 place in the United States for STDs.

But besides the way AIDs and sexual education is taught, there are other ways to help address these issues, and still they bring up controversy.  An article in the Minneapolis’ Star Tribune discusses how sexy ads are being used to address issues with AIDs, and some feel they should not be so sexy.

The ads, which are targeted at young gay men, are causing debate because they are using sex to promote the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. I some what understand this point, because what is the best way to prevent STDs, not having sex. But let’s be real, people are not going to stop having sex, so let’s inform then on ho to be safe, and that is what these ads do.

But for the ads to be effective, people need to notice them, be attracted to them and actually read them. Well what sells better than sex? Nothing. Sex sells and everyone knows this, that is why Megan Fox is in the Transformers movies — the only reason she is in the Transformers movies.

So I have no issue with these ads. A picture of a half naked guy is going to get people to look at it. It is going to stand out and do what it is intended to do. Sexual ads are used to sell everything else from sports to web domain names to underwear, so why not STD prevention?


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