The people you can’t stop

So there is no easy way of figuring which way of teaching sexual education is more effective in preventing the spread of STDs and pregnancies there are some things that are out of the control of sex-ed teachers and no teaching can stop.

I came across two articles of some horrible acts by two different men, something I’m sure goes on a lot more than we here. Noew there are some people who have spread STDs unknowingly. While this is horrible and people need to be more responsible by getting tested when they have done anything that puts them at risk, the person still did not know they had an STD and did not know they were sharing it with others. But what these two men had done was give an STD knowingly to someone else or at least put the other person at a risk of getting it without the other person knowing.

The Augusta Chronicle wrote about an art teacher who had HIV and knowingly exposed his wife as well as a six-year-old-girl to the HIV. This case is wrong on so many levels. One the guy knowingly exposed these people to HIV. Two he did this to his wife, someone who he is suppose to love, not give a disease that will kill her, and lastly he also did it to a six-year-old.

Another man gave gonorrhea to a one-year-old baby he babysat. Now this child will have gonorrhea because of what he did. Not only is it wrong because the baby was one, but he knowingly did this.

These are the things that cannot be prevented because there are some people out there who just have no concern for others. Unfortunately these people make it more difficult in the fight to stop STDs, a fight that is all ready tough enough.


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