Even Sesame Street talks about STDs!

So the debate about how sexual education, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases should be taught to the youth of America in school goes on, yet Sesame Street has no problem taking the issue head on.

An article on TVSquad.com that discusses the Top 5 controversies on Sesame Street as its 40 years of existence has the third biggest controversy listed as Sesame Street’s character Kami who has HIV/AIDS.

In one episode, which is shown on the online story, Kami talks to former president Bill Clinton on how she speaks to people about HIV/AIDs and ask Clinto to tell the audience that it is okay to hug those with HIV/AIDs.

Clearly this character has drawn a lot of protest, especially from the American Family Association back in 2002, but for what reason? The show is teaching kids at a young age that there is nothing to fear from those who are infected with HIV/AIDs. People need to remember that Sesame Street is shown worldwide, and in countries such as South Africa where 28 percent of the population has HIV according to the article on TVSquad.com.

People need to know the truth about HIV/AIDs and other STDs. The best way to do this is feed them the information when they are young and using a medium such as Sesame Street is a great way. The earlier we inform kids about the dangers of sex and STDs the better the better off they will be.

This debate that goes on about how sex-ed should be taught and at how early of an age is ridiculous. Kids need to know the horrible things that can happen if they get these, but at teh same time they need to know the truth about them, such as it is still okay to give someone with HIV/AIDs a hug. If Sesame Street needs to have Clinton say this, then it is an issue somewhere in the world am I’m sure it is in many peoples minds in the United States.


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