People need real sex ed…trust me

The debate that goes on all over the country on which way to teach sexual education is going to go on for a long time; should schools teach abstinence only, or give students all the facts about STDs, contraception and pregnancy? But a survey, according to the Washington Post, done by an panel of independent experts have concluded that teaching students to delay sex, and the facts about contraception and STDs is effective in delaying sexual activity and reducing the spread of STDs, while there is inconclusive evidence on how effective teaching an abstinence-only approach is.

I have to agree that giving students all the facts is a better method, because no matter what, some students are going to be sexually active at young ages, so it is better that they know what they are doing and the dangers. This is something President Obama also agrees on as he is asking for less funding for abstinence-only programs and more for those who will teach all of the facts.

Not only is it better for everyone to be given the facts and make their own decisions at that point, I also beleive this is the correct approach because well, there are just some stupid people in the world.

Case in point, an article in the Visalia Times lists a number of myths about sex, contraception and STDs, and I could not help but laugh at about half of them. But the fact that the article needed to be written proves that not everyone was laughing with me, and people actually beleive some of these myths.

Other myths about sex can be found at and just goes to show that some people do not know this information. If people do not know it, then there is a need to teach it because this is vital information. If people actually believe they cannot get pregnant by havign sex standing up while in water, then there are going to be a lot of people having kids that shouldn’t.

So while the panel found some evidence to prove that giving all the facts works, but no evidence to say abstinence only works or does not work, I say we go with what we do know rather than what we don’t. Let’s give the kids all of the facts.


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