Take a break from STDs for H1N1

While I may have complained in an early blog post about how most college health center websites were putting more of a focus on swine flu, or H1N1, than on sexually transmitted diseases, something I feel should be the top priority for campus health centers, there is one case where H1N1 is taking precedence over STDs that I do not mind.

As flu season comes with full force, a number of sex clinics are closing down for some time, usually a full day such as The Merced County Department of Public Health, according to the Merced Sun Star, to provide a location for flu vaccines. While this may displace some who are seeking sexual health services, it is something that is a good idea in my mind.

The Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic of Public Health in Dayton is doing this as well. According to the Dayton Daily News, the clinic is opening its doors for flu vaccines but for specific people. In an attempt to get those who need the flu shots the most, the clinic is giving the vaccine to pregnant women, those who provide care to children under six months old, health care and emergency workers, anyone aged six months to 24 years and those between the ages of 25 and 64 with medical conditions.

This is a lot better than some places where they are closing clinics such as in Ottawa, because they can’t handle the number of people looking for the vaccine.

I have no issues with these clinics being closed down for flu vaccines, and actually think it is a good idea, because it is being done for a short amount of time (one day) and is for an immediate cause. While STDs are very serious, they do not have the need for immediate attention such as people with the flu and those who need the flu vaccine.

In a case like this, I found it a very smart decision at a time where flu season is approaching quickly. If these clinics were to close down for a large amount of time because of flu season, I would then have an issue with it because then you are displacing people who need services and putting those with the flu or the need for a flu vaccine ahead of those with other serious medical conditions.


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