Are we all just going to get STDs?

While many sex educators try to tell people to take precautions when having sex so they do not get sexually transmitted diseases , one who is well versed in sex educations, Vanessa Cullins, M.D., the vice president of medical affaris of Planned Parenthood, has a different message to pass along via youtube.

Cullins says that for all who are sexually active, they should expect to get human papillomavirus, because “we all get it”.

While this may sound somewhat blunt, the message that Cullins is really trying to pass along is a good one. In an article on World Net Daily, or, Cullins states that people need to be more upfront with the realities of sex and not be afraid to talk about them.

I can not agree more with this. People are far to afraid to talk about STDs especially with their sexual partners and their own doctors. People are embarrassed to go to a doctor and get tested or ask questions about what this spot is in their pelvic region. You want to know what is more embarrassing, when the person you had sex with calls you and informs you you gave them an STD.

This is especially important on college campuses where STDs are more rampant than possibly anywhere else. Students have all sort of resources available to them in health clinics and a number of other students who haev contracted different STDs. These are all sources that students can use to talk to people about STDs, and be mroe upfront to them instead of shying away from them.

Many STDs, including HPV can be contracted and not show any signs until an outbreak. At that point, it may be too late and depending on how sexually active one is or how sexually active the partners they have been with are, many others could be infected. But if students are more upfront, aren’t afraid to make sure condoms are worn and other safety procedures are followed, then Cullins prediction will be right, everyone is going to get HPV as well as many other STDs.


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