A sex-ed debate

In a couple of states there is a great debate going on about how sexual education should be taught in schools. Many schools teach it, putting a great emphasis on abstinence and waiting till marriage, but there is still a lot of opposition to sex-ed classes.

In Wisconsin, a bill is trying to be passed through legislative to update an existing bill, but this is finding a great deal of opposition and controversy according to The Isthmus. The number of teen pregnancies and cases of sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in the Wisconsin, so something needs to be done, and while many feel pushing for more sex education is one way to stop the rises, others feel that may be the cause.

In some schools in Wisconsin sex-ed starts in the fourth or fifth grade. Some may say this is too soon, but as it states in The Isthmus The Healthy Youth Act would “would require that any such instruction stress abstinence first, and then give “age-appropriate, medically accurate information” on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease, as well as spot abuse.”

Even in Utah, a similar debate rages according to Foxnews in Utah. In Utah the opposition states that sexual education should be taught by parents.

In both states, parents have either the ability to pull their children out of classes, or they are recquired to sign off allowing their kids to take the classes and to choose which type of sexual education classes they want them to take either abstinence first or comprehensive. A debate has gone on in North Carolina as well to give parents the same choice.

I don’t see why there is a debate here. If sexual education is taught in schools, there is nothing that stops parents from teaching their kids it as well. But you cannot rely on parents to teach it because they will not be as well educated on the facts then a trained sex-ed teacher,

Should kids be learning this stuff at such a young age?  Well according to the story from The Isthmus, information is needed at a young age. I feel if it is portrayed at a young age and in the appropriate way then it is fine.

Sex is everywhere these days and whether it is taught or not, kids will be having sex at young ages and they need to know the dangers of it and how to do it safely. Plus, sex-ed classes don’t just teach about sex, pregnancy or STDs; they teach about puberty and abuse, thins that every kid should know about at a young age.


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