STDs on the rise…everywhere

Despite safe sex being taught to people from a young ages, there still seems to be some sort of ignorance to the fact that sexually transmitted diseases are are very real issue all over the world. Even as people get older, the seriousness of STDs are publicized and the importance of condoms are made, yet the numbers for STDs continue to rise all over the world.

In Forsyth County, North Carolina the increase in number of cases are drastic. There, the number of cases for syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia and HIV/AIDs have all increased, and many of them have at least double in the number of confirmed accounts if not more.

As highlighted in the article by the Winston-Salem Journal, a lot of this may be due to people being careless. Too often do people combine sex with drugs or alcohol, a mixture for bad decisions. Similar things are being seen in Kenya, where a lot of men are taking fake Viagra as a recreational party drug, allowing themselves to have sex multiple times in one night, and often with multiple partners. This with the fact that these men are partying — meaning other drugs as well as alcohol are likely to be used –means more bad decisions are being made, leading to jumps in the numbers of STDs and HIV/AIDs in Kenya.

While research may be getting better and we are getting closer to finding cures for some STDs, the diseases are becoming more and more of an issue and at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, people can’t think before they go out for a night of partying that they may end up having sex.

What alcohol does to the human mind is something everyone knows; it inhibits your judgment and you often therefore make stupid decisions. With just a little bit of thinking, a lot of people could save themselves, as well as do their part in stopping a global issue, all sorts of trouble by just doing something simple as saying I won’t have sex without a condom.

Is that really that hard? Just say no glove, no love.


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