Some steps in the right direction

Despite the people making errors in judgments and allowing the number of confirmed cases of sexually transmitted diseases to grow, there is progress being made  or attempts at progress in some places.

For one, doctors and public health care have an idea that will hopefully reduce the number of drunken sex mistakes that occur in this country. As I stated in my last post, a lot of people just make poor decisions when they get drunk and feel it is for some reason okay to have unprotected sex. Now we cannot be with these people at all times to let them know they are about to make an error in judgment, but what some want to do is impose a beer tax, in hopes it will cause less drinking, and better decisions.

Do I think this would happen? Probably not. If it does how much will it affect things? Well it would have to be a drastic increase in taxes because from what I’ve seen on a college campus, people are going to drink, no matter how much you charge them.

Another step towards prevention is providing education for the sexually active elderly. Yes the majority of STDs are contracted by a younger crowd, but any step that can be made towards prevention is a good one and if this attempt in the United Kingdom helps out then I’m all for it.

One last thing that is being done is improvements to female contraception, and most notably the female condom. A grant of $608,000 was given to the University of Cincinnati  to improve the design of a particular female condom. This is a great step in research, because there are clearly a lot of irresponsible men in the world who don’t come prepared to have sex, and maybe with better female condoms on the market, women will start to pick up the slack from their male counterparts.


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