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I understand the position of Catholics and sex. People should not take partake in sexual activities until they are married. Simple enough, and as far as sexually transmitted diseases, this plan would pretty much eliminate them if everyone followed it. But the fact is, not everyone is going to follow the ways of Catholicism.

But a Catholic pharmacist in Sydney Australia has decided that because it is wrong for people to have premarital sex in his religion, he will not sell birth control and contraceptives out of his pharmacy.

I can understand his stance on the situation, but has it not crossed his mind that some married couples may still want to use contraceptives. Maybe this is against Caholicsm as well, I’m not sure, but I think that is not something that should be frowned upon. Some people may be in love and get married but are still not ready for children. This is a smart decision for some people and should not be frowned upon. Contraceptives have also been shown to be more effective in married couples.

Providing birth control and condoms are part of a pharmacists job as far as I’m concerned. For this pharmacist, Trevor Dal Broi, to refuse to sell them is irresponsible. It is part of his job as a pharmacist and I hope that he feels the effects of his refusal by people refusing to purchase products from his store.

I’m sure Dal Broi knows how serious the issues of STDs are in the world, and what he is doing does nothing to prevent the spread of them. If anything he is helping spread them with his refusal.

To end the threat of STDs around the world, it will take a part from everyone across the globe. We cannot test everyone for STDs, like these police in Malawian are doing to sex workers, and put them on there own island so the diseases will not spread further. It takes some social responsibility from everyone to help out the cause and refusing to sell contraceptives just because it goes along with Catholicism, is not socially responsible in the larger picture.


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