Starting with the young

Sexually transmitted diseases aren’t just an issue amongst college aged kids; there are plenty of younger teenagers who are contracting them as well as getting pregnant. While a majority of STDs are caught by 20 something year olds, it doesn’t mean that prevention shouldn’t be pushed for at the younger ages. This can instill safe practices in teenagers that will hopefully carry over to when they are more sexually active.

This is why in Scotland, where it has some of the highest teenage pregnancy and STD rates in Europe, sex clinics plan to be set up in all secondary schools. Here students who are under 16 will be able to get condoms and free pregnancy tests, and not have to fear that their parents will find out. The only time parents will be notified is if nurses feel someone is being “abused or exploited” according to a Scottish Government report, Do the Right Thing, that released the plan.

Catholic Schools have showed resistance to the plan and have been given the choice whether or not to set up a sex clinic. Some in the Catholic School Systems believe that the plan will not curb the issues of pregnancy and STD rates, but instead make it worse by promoting sexual activities.

When it comes to young teenagers and having sex, I feel that most of them that are having sex are going to be having sex anyways, no matter what you teach them, and those who are not having sex aren’t going to because they know they are too young or just simply don’t know what they are doing.By setting up these sex clinics it may promote more sex amongst those who are all ready having sex, but you’ll be promoting safer sex among them. If you do encourage a few kids who wouldn’t normally have sex at that age to have sex, well at least your encouraging them to have it the right way.

But with rates such as 8.1 of every 1000 pregnancies in Scotland coming from girls under-16 and over 60 under-15 year old children were diagnoses with chlamydia, and this seeming to be a common issue across Europe something needs to be done. In the United Kingdom they have sent out leaflets on telling parents how to talk to their kids just showing how much of an issue teen pregnancy is over in Europe.


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