The use of multimedia: A new form of news

People these days don’t want the same old stuff. Change is what captures peoples interest and when news can be presented in a different way, it will be more captivating and more effective.

Because of this and the shift to the internet for most news outlets, the use of multimedia has transformed the business. As a journalism student you are always told not to tell the reader but to show them. Today’s news does just that with the use of multimedia.

For example, a piece on the Washington Post’s website uses multimedia to do just this. The piece introduces the viewers to different areas of Washington D.C. to find what is new and hip in the city. What makes the piece effective is that as a viewer I am able to see the streets and activities that author, Alexandra Garcia, is trying to describe. It is a different experience to if I was just reading a story in the arts and living section of the paper.

One of the episodes, Episode 6: Georgetown Waterfront, might exemplify how effective multimedia can be the most. The episode is based on trends in the city, and trends in fashion in particular. If I was to read a story in the paper about these trends, it would be hard for me to really see what the trends that are discussed.

One in particular is that described by Elizabeth Butler, a legislative assistant. She describes her style as “nerdy cute”, something I would not be able to imagine if I was just reading it. But because of the fact that the piece is done with video, I can see Elizabeth and what her style is: a blue and white striped button up shirt with an orange vest over it and a bow in her hair.

Not only does using multimedia allow the viewer to take in the story in a whole new way, it also allows for the piece to be captivating. These episodes in particular use music and shots of nightlife in the city to make it more interesting and pull the viewer in.


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