Now I wonder why?

So far I have been talking all about how there needs to be more done about sexually transmitted diseases, but something I failed to ask myself is why are STDs even an issue on college campuses. Yes you’re talking about college aged kids who are just going to be sexually active, but you would think that college students are well educated and would make the right decisions. But clearly that is not the case because, well, I’m having to write about this.

There is no reason why college students can’t be sexually active but be sexually safe at the same time and I feel this is where many college students falter. Many females are on birth control and this may lead many to feel they are being safe despite not using a condom.  And I’m not placing all the blame on the females because I know a lot of males will say “Well your on the pill so you won’t get pregnant, therefore, we don’t need to use a condom”.

As the link above says, students need to be more responsible. Their is nothing wrong with being sexually active or even having a “friend with benefits”, something this fox news article from 2006 says is occurring more frequently these days. Let’s be honest, everyone wouldn’t mind having a sexual partner with no strings attached.

But if a college student, or anyone, is going to engage in this kind of relationship, they need to look at it realistically. If he or she is fooling around with you, then who says he or she is not fooling around with more people and who knows who or how many people those people are fooling around with. If one of those people have an STD, it is likely you’ll end up getting it.

The truth is people know how much sex goes on at a college campus. Chances are whoever you are having sex with has had sex with more people than just you. People know this yet they still think because they won’t get pregnant they will be fine.

This story is a perfect example: A girl who had sex once, with her boyfriend, yet she got syphilis. STDs are out there and people need to make smarter decisions. Getting and STD can be as damning as getting pregnant if not worse.

So why do college students pass around STDs so easily? They know the facts and know the consequences, yet they can’t do something so little as put a condom on. So I’m starting to point more of the blame on the students. They know the risk and they know pregnancy is not the only thing that needs to be avoided, but they think they’re safe just because they are on the pill. Well then if they get an STD, its their own fault.


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