Frequently asked questions…Obama’s health care plan

What is Obama’s health care plan?

President Barack Obama’s new health care package is one that he states will suit everyone. For those with health insurance it will lower costs of insurance with the use of competition, as well as provide more stability, and will provide low-cost insurance for those who don’t have insurance. In addition the plan give incentives to hospitals and physicians who help try to reduce health care costs.

How will this package be funded?

Obama’s plan will be paid for completely upfront and will not add any more debt to today’s deficit. By improving the health system, the plan will pay for itself out of the savings created by these reforms, because of the large amount spent on health care. If the savings don’t add up as planned, the President would enact more savings to ensure no debt is added to the nations deficit.

How will those who cannot afford health care receive it?

The President’s plan is to provide affordable and quality insurance for all Americans, so those with limited income can still be covered. One way of doing so is to create a public health insurance option to give all Americans a real option. This option will also promote competition, helping lowering cost of insurance as a whole.

What are some oppositions to Obama’s plan?

Many have opposed the public option that has been proposed by Obama, especially republicans. In addition, the American Medical Association also opposes government-sponsored insurance, something that democrats claim is necessary for the plan to work. Many fear because of republicans opposition to the public option that the reform may not get passed.

What may be lost under Obama’s package?

One fear that many Americans have are what loses out of the current system will come from Obama’s health insurance reform.  Some things that Americans may lose is the ability to choose the physician they want, or to get discounts for things like quitting smoking or going to the gym. As well, Americans may lose the choice to keep their existing plans or to pay for high-deductibles coverage if they so choose to.


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