What the Fark?

Now, I had never heard of Fark.com, but after hearing Drew Curtis, the creator of the website full of random news stories, speak about the site and how it popular among college students, I’m surprised I have not heard of it. As a matter of fact, I wish I had heard of it a long time and I feel plenty of other people would feel the same way.

When I look through a newspaper or a magazine, and most likely many other readers, I often look at the headlines to see if it something of interest to me.  If the headline doesn’t grab my attention, I’ve all ready lost interest. Farkcom avoids that by having headlines, that were written by the readers who submitted the story.

Fark.com is really going past traditional media, just as Curtis’s session was called at the Poynter Kent State Media Ethics Workshop.  This is what the internet has done to journalism. Readers submit their stories to Fark.com, so they are the stories that interest the readers the most, whether it be a unique, a silly, or just a cool. As a reader this is what I want. The stories that other readers have submitted because the story intrigued them.

For myself, I have interest in science stories and anytime I come across a story about space I have to stop and read it. Now I don’t go an buy magazines about space, its only when I come across them. Sure enough I was on the site and came across a story about an European telescope that is trying to take images of the oldest light in the universe. Going to this site on a daily basis would allow me to find stories I wouldn’t normally have the time to search for, but have an interest in reading.

Because the site has tabs for different types of stories, it is almost like an RSS feed with a twist of comedy. I feel Curtis has built a great site, one that anyone can find something they enjoy.  I found a few sites with interviews with Curtis, so people can get a better idea of who the creator of Fark.com is.

Inside the Webb interview

Bad Mouth interview

Right Wing News interview


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